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Transformational Dialogues;
Conversations To Change Your Mind
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The Transformational Dialogues unless posted otherwise are held
at 6-7:30 PM at the Chiropractic Zone Sears House at
2812 Meinhold Rd. Langley WA 98260

Our next live event will be on September 25, 6-7:30 PM and will feature Dr. Leslie Cotter, MD. The topic will be Growing Girls into Powerful Women.

According to Leslie;

"Being a parent in many ways is an opportunity to relive your own childhood and adolescence. As my 15-year-old daughter was growing up I had the chance to appreciate what was joyful and good and also what was painful and hard about my childhood and adolescence. I began to look around and observe what teen girls were about. What were they saying and doing, and how were they being in the world? Were things REALLY any different for them than they had been for me and us? I noticed the same silence and potential for 'disappearance' that I had experienced. Where was their voice in our everyday life? So a group of women got busy and started an organization called Young Women Empowered (Y-WE), a leadership program for teen women. And then the learning really began! This is what I want to speak about tonight, how and where do teen girls thrive, what supports them, what do they need from each other, from us, and what can we begin to give them, right now in their everyday lives!" Young Women Empowered will be the beneficiary of all generous voluntary contributions.

In addition, I am thrilled to let you know that for the October 30 Transformational Dialogue I will be bringing from Bainbridge Island, Linda Wolf, the creator of Teen Talking Circles. This event is being co-sponsored by the South Whidbey Commons, a local non-profit who offer tremendous opportunities for our local youth. She is the author of Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun.

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Lucinda Herring The Gifts of Natural Death Practices for Our Times with Lucinda Herring

Click HERE to View Lucinda Herring's Dialogue


Dr. Craig's recent interview for a series of programs on Transformational Pathways; Integrating Mind-Body Approaches to Thriving on The Healers of Planet Earth with Michael Ostrolenk Show, based in Washington DC.

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Click HERE to Listen to: To Diagnose or Not Diagnose: the Implications are Critical

Click HERE to Listen to: How About Energy Psychology? Exploring the science of an emerging paradigm.

Dr CraigThe Inseparability of Pain and Emotions with Dr. Craig Weiner

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How Friends Change Our Minds: Surfing the Chaotic Waves of Social Neuroscience with Mark Brady, PhD

Click HERE to View Mark Brady's Dialogue

Synergizing Community Using MicroTools with Drew "DREWSLIST" Kampion and "Dr Craig" Weiner

Click HERE to View Dew Kampion and Dr. Craig's Dialogue

Creating Places of Wholeness in Our Lives with Ross Chapin

Click HERE to View Ross Chapin's Dialogue

Great Transition Stories for our Times with Lynnaea Lumbard

Click HERE to View Lynnaea Lumbard's Dialogue

Here are the 4 parts of The Mysterious Ways We Nurture Life with Eileen Jackson, PhD, R.N. and Craig Weiner, D.C.

Click HERE to View Part 1
Click HERE to View Part 2
Click HERE to View Part 3
Click HERE to View Part 4

Click to download: Eileen's Dialogue Notes
Mark BradyThe Practice of Homecoming: Harnessing the Power of Place To Build More Resilient Lives and Communities with with Kurt Hoelting

Click HERE to listen to: Kurt Hoelting's Dialogue

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Click HERE to View Part 2
Click HERE to View Part 3
Click HERE to View Part 4

Dr CraigThe Life Changing Qualities of Whidbey Island with Dr. Craig Weiner and host Mark Brady PhD

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Sandra RodmanBrain Building for Better Health and Relationships with Sandra Rodman

Click HERE to listen to: Sandra Rodman's Dialogue

Click to download: Power Point Slides for Right Brain Aerobics for Better Health and Relationships

Chris ThorsenRadical Leadership - Sharpening the Sword of Attention with Chris Thorsen

Click HERE to View Chris Thorsen's Dialogue Part 1 Radical Leadership, Aikido and Attention

Click HERE to View Chris Thorsen's Dialogue Part 2 Demonstration

Mira SteinbrecherHome is Where Your Heart Belongs with Mira Steinbrecher

Click HERE to View Mira Steinbrecher 's Dialogue
(will open a seperate window to show video and is 13 minutes long)

Click to download: Home is Where Your Heart Belongs Notes

Betsy MacgregorIn Awe of Being Human: A Doctor's Stories of Living, Healing and Dying with Betsy MacGregor, M.D.

Click HERE to listen to: Betsy Macgregor's Dialogue

Lynn WillefordSERIOUS FUN Ingenious Improvisations on Money, Food, Waste, Water and Home with Carolyn North
Accompanied on the harp by Claudia Walker

Click HERE to listen to: Carolyn North's Dialogue
(note: only the first 30 minutes is recorded)

Lynn Willeford12+ Secrets for a Successful Heartfelt Non Profit (or really any organization or business) with Lynn Willeford there are 2 audios; each run about 40 minutes.

Click HERE to listen to: Lynn Willeford's Dialogue

Click HERE to listen to: Part 2, Q and A

Mick DodgeChange Your Body, change the World with Mick Dodge, aka "The Barefoot Sensei" On the E.A.R.T.H. Gym (Exuberant Animal Rhythmic Training Hall)

Click HERE to listen to: Mick Dodge's Dialogue

Stephan Schwartz

Transformational Dialogue on Exploring the Infinite; On Remote Viewing and More with Stephan A. Schwartz, Senior Samueli Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing

Click HERE to View Stephan Schwartz Video (will open a seperate window to show video)

Personal Website
Schwartzreport Column

Alina FrankTransformational Dialogue on Matrix ReImprinting; Re-Writing Your Past, Transforming Your Future with Alina Frank, EFT Universe Trainer

Click to listen to: Alina Frank's Dialogue (3.2 MB, this may take some time to download, please be patient)

Vicki RobinTransformational Dialogue on "Happiness; The New Science of Joy" with Vicki Robin

Click HERE to listen to: Vicki Robin's Dialogue

GNH = Gross National Happiness

Transformational Dialogue on European Bio-Energetic Healing and Naturopathy with Robert Jangaard, N.D.

Click HERE to listen to: Robert Jangaard's Dialogue

Transformational Dialogue on "How Do I Know What's Best For My Parents as They Age?" with Grethe Cammermeyer, PhD., R.N.

Click HERE to listen to: Grethe Cammermeyer's Dialogue

Additional Links for Information:
Dr. Cammermeyer's Saratoga Adult Home
Hospice Foundation
The Elderlaw Firm
Honor My Wishes Organization
Home Care Solutions
Island Senior Services

Transformational Dialogue on "The Role of Love and the Forgiveness of Healing" with Rick Ingrasci, M.D., M.P.H.

Click HERE to listen to: Rick Ingrasci's Dialogue

Transformational Dialogue on "The Healing Power of the Runes" with Ralph Blum

Click HERE to listen to: Ralph Blum's Dialogue
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I came to Dr. Craig in early November. I could hardly walk with sever sciatica, Dr. Craig diagnosed my problem and we began a regimen that relieved the pain and ultimately, I avoided surgery. I have been very impressed with the care Dr. Craig has provided me over the past few months. I was a little leery of chiropractic at first, and I am much more aware now of the holistic approach concept. Chiropractic is definitely in my future. I have recommended Dr. Craig to friends and will continue to do so. I have learned the importance of water consumption and regular exercise.

Steve Strehlau

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