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The Chiropractic Zone Healing Center is located at the historic Bayview Sears House (circa 1914) in Bayview Corner

Chiropractic Services are provided in a wonderfully nurturing setting, conveniently located just off Highway 525 in the Bayview Corner region of Langley. It is easily accessed by public transportation. A new patient can expect a first visit to last approximately one hour with the inclusion of face to face consultation with the doctor, examination and treatment. Treatment may include any and all of the following: pre-treatment preparation such as moist heat, ice packs, spinal warm-up, spinal and/or extremity adjustments, rehabilitative procedures, lifestyle suggestions, nutritional recommendations and exercise instruction. When appropriate, the use of craniosacral work and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) may be included.

Other services available include Massage Therapy and Bodywork by Gina Ames, LMP. She is a masterful bodyworker, providing therapeutic massage utilizing a combination of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial release since the Chiropractic Zone Healing Center opened. She is highly skilled at assessing body structure and identifying treatment options that are effective for achieving balance. She integrates a combination of relaxing massage with hot stones and she specializes in integrative body work for injury treatment. She can be reached at (206) 940-5488.

In addition, Susan Prentiss, AWC, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Practitioner. provides individualized consultations to assist you in examining your unique constitution, or dosha, and gather insights into manageable changes to diet and lifestyle that can maximize your physical resilience, emotional balance, and help to increase personal clarity. For a consultation call 307-413-4936 or email

photographer: Ron Roesler
Our physical address is:
2812 E Meinhold Road, Langley, WA 98260.

Our mailing address is:
The Chiropractic Zone P.O. Box 1258 Freeland, WA 98249.

We can be reached by calling:
360-331-5565 and calls are forwarded after hours.
You can also reach us via email at

Why visit The Chiropractic Zone and "Dr. Craig"?

Because the path he has walked has led him to create a very special healing place. For over twenty five years "Dr. Craig", as he is affectionately called by his patients, (though his full name is Dr. Craig Weiner) has been immersed in the Healing Arts. He has worked as a Chiropractor and as a Bodyworker/Massage Therapist, serving his patients by adjusting, nurturing, educating and inspiring them to lead healthier and fuller lives. His work has expanded into arenas of healing that take into account the profound influence of how we use our brains to think, and the important role that our emotions and energy play in our health and well-being.

Since childhood, Dr. Craig was inspired to work in the health field. Figuring that being a medical doctor was the only way to go, he studied pre-med at Lafayette College before becoming disillusioned with the traditional allopathic model of treating disease with drugs and surgery. This detour led him down a long journey, exploring many healing traditions including Native American and Shamanic paths, meditative practices and martial arts. Living in the S.F. Bay Area provided him with ample opportunities to study many disciplines and he became certified as a massage therapist before being inspired to become a Doctor of Chiropractic and graduating Summa Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West. He held many professional positions, including President of the Contra Costa County Chiropractic Association, was a leader in the exploration of integrative health circles and was the recipient of multiple awards, including alumnus of the year by his chiropractic alma mater. As a result, he was invited to speak at conferences, medical schools, corportations and hospitals.

After fifteen years practicing in Walnut Creek, California, he was propelled to move to the enchanted community of South Whidbey Island. Here, he established The Chiropractic Zone. Structural chiropractic correction was his original focus and he collected hundreds of testimonials validating the difference his work made for patients’ health and well-being. Since that time he has expanded his vision to include care that expands beyond the traditional adjustment-only model. Services expanded to include spinal and extremity adjustments, exercise rehabilitation and energetic techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Craniosacral Release and more. He has also since then enlisted the support of a highly trained and skilled of licensed massage therapist, Gina Ames, LMP.

He is also the creator of the popular Transformational Dialogues, a monthly series of evening presentations with respected professionals from a wide array of healing fields. The purpose of the forum is to offer a wide array of pathways designed to inform, inspire and transform people's lives to be fuller and healthier ones. For five years Dr. Craig has interviewed local world change-makers, including world renowned authors, physicians, scientists, poets and many more. Together they have sat with Dr. Craig and explored issues of personal and collective healing. Many of these can be viewed or listened to by CLICKING HERE. You can view the likes of researcher and Remote Viewing developer Stephan A. Schwartz, authors Vicki Robin (Your Money or Your Life), Rick Ingrasci, M.D. and Peggy Taylor(Chop Wood, Carry Water), Sandra Rodman (Right Brain Aerobics), Ralph Blum (The Book of Runes), Betsy MacGregor, MD, Grethe Cammermeyer, PhD, Ross Chapin (Pocket Neighborhoods) and Carolyn North (Ecstatic Relations). Upcoming dialogues are listed on the events web calendar. All events are by voluntary contribution and benefit local charities with thousands of dollars donated to local projects and organizations.

In conjunction with his wife, Alina Frank, certified instructor for EFT Universe, Dr. Craig provides many opportunities in the Northwest by offering EFT training workshops. Continuing education credits are available for many health professionals.

As a certified Right Brain Aerobics (TM) trainer and coach, Dr. Craig works with individuals, groups, non-profits and corporations, teaching a powerful series of exercises and practices, as created by Sandra Rodman, developer of Right Brain Aerobics. These principles are designed to help individuals think more creatively to shift their lives to living in an extraordinary and healthy way.

The Chiropractic Zone serves also serves its community by being a gallery for local artists to display their artwork. All sales directly benefit local artists who work with brushes and lenses of many distinct styles.

As a certified Whidbey Green Seal member, The Chiropractic Zone has worked hard to provide an environment that is healthy and safe. Everything that can be re-used or recycled is, and products are used with consciousness toward sustainable practices. Communication with our clients is created with education and inspiration in mind. You may subscribe to our monthly Enewsletter, Transformational Living Newsletter, which is emailed and includes informative articles and insights as well as a schedule of upcoming monthly events and workshops. Additionally, useful links to research and videos that you will likely enjoy are attached. The Chiropractic Zone can be found on our Facebook Fan Page. Please Friend us to get lots of information and more frequent research link posts!

It is this kind of ongoing experimentation, creation, community involvement and choreography that makes Dr Craig and The Chiropractic Zone, THE place on South Whidbey to check out!

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